Data paper workshop, December 2014, Oslo

Data paper writing workshop organized during two days (2nd & 3rd December 2014) at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. Introduction to writing good dataset metadata and to the procedure for writing and submitting data paper manuscripts to the PENSOFT Biodiversity Data Journal. Participants bring their own dataset(s) and we will try to complete a good part of the writing for a complete data paper manuscript by the end of day 2.

Data paper workshop, Oslo

Data paper workshop at UiO Natural History Museum in Oslo

A data manuscript may include the following information categories.


Dataset (Resource)


People and Organisations

Keyword Set (General Keywords)

Taxonomic Coverage

Geographic Coverage

Temporal Coverage


Intellectual Property Rights

Additional Metadata

Tuesday 2nd December


09:00 Coffee and Danish bread


09:30 Introduction to the course

    Overview course content and practical information.

Round-table presentation of your background (maximum 2 minutes each).


10:00 Introduction to data papers

What is a data paper? Why a data paper? The GBIF metadata profile! Tools to use (Pensoft writing tool and the use of Github).

  • What & why (Dimi)

  • The GBIF-IPT metadata profile (Dimi) & data paper guidelines

  • Tools to use (Dimi)


11:30 Introduction to journals accepting data papers

Pensoft: Biodiversity Data Journal,;

Pensoft: ZooKeys; Pensoft: PhytoKeys

Nature: Scientific Data,


12:15 Lunch break


13:00 Presentation of participants datasets

All participants, max 20 min each


15:00 Introduction to data cleaning, visualisation and mapping tools

    OpenRefine, cartoDB, Mapbox, ...


16:00 Starting to write the data papers (all)


17:00 End of day 1


20:00 Workshop dinner (downtown Oslo)

    Grand Hotel, Restaurant Palmen, Karl Johans gate 31, 0159 Oslo

    140 meter from your hotel (Rica Travel Hotel) and is facing the parliament.

    Reservation made for 20:00, please let me know if you will not attend the dinner!


Wednesday 3rd December


09:00 Introduction to day 2 (Dag/Dimitri)


09:30 Continue writing the data papers (all)


12:15 Lunch


13:00 Introduction to submitting the data papers

Pensoft BDJ, ZooKeys or PhytoKeys


15:00 Continue writing the data papers (all)

We agreed to aim at all data papers published by the end of January (2015).


16:00 End of day 2 (and course)


Participants (11 persons)

Dimitri Brosens (BeBIF, Belgian Biodiversity Platform)

Dag Endresen (GBIF-Norway)

Christian Svindseth (GBIF-Norway)

Einar Timdal, Lichen herbarium in Oslo, NHM Oslo

Tor Tønsberg, Lichen herbarium in Bergen, UiB [GBIF-dataset]

Lars Erik Johannesen, DNA collection and bird tissue collection, NHM Oslo

Kristine Dobbe, Polychaeta georeferencing project 2014, NHM Oslo

Ann-Helen Rønning, Polychaeta georeferencing project 2014, NHM Oslo

Gunnar Austrheim, Vegetation survey dataset, NTNU VM, Trondheim

Dag-Inge Øien, NTNU VM, Trondheim


-- unable to attend:

Wouter Koch, Fish dataset, Artsdatabanken, Trondheim

Marc Daverdin, NTNU VM, Trondheim

Anders Bryn, NHM-UiO & Forest and Landscape, forest survey data




Datasets to become data papers:


Google Doc template


Github template link:


Lichen herbarium in Bergen (UiB)

Home page:

Curator: Tor Tønsberg, UiB:

Institution ID:

Institution code: BG

Collection code: BG-L

GBIF datasetID:


Lichen herbarium in Oslo (UiO NHM)

Home page:

Curator: Einar Timdal, UiO NHM:

Institution ID:

Institution code: NHMO

Collection code: O-L

GBIF datasetID:


DNA bank & Bird tissue collection (UiO NHM)

Home page:

Curator: Lars Erik Johannessen:

Curator: Arild Johnsen:

Institution ID:

Institution code: NHMO

Collection code: BI

Collecion ID:

GBIF datasetID:


Vegetation survey data

Proposed new survey data format for Darwin Core archives:

DEMO IPT for exploring the new Darwin Core format:

Example of a vegetaion survey dataset in GBIF:


Suggested reading list


Pensoft: Biodiversity Data Journal (ISSN 1314-2828) (Pensoft Writing Tool)


Biodiversity Data Journal is classified as a level 1 (nivå 1) journal in Norway:


Editorial med en introduksjon til hensikten med BDJ:

Smith et al. (2013) Beyond dead trees: integrating the scientific process in the Biodiversity Data Journal. doi:10.3897/BDJ.1.e995,


Nature: Scientific Data (ISSN 2052-4436)

Nature Publishing Group has launched a similar data paper journal, Scientific Data: (launched in May 2014) (Scientific Data blog)

Not yet registered in the Norwegian scientific journal classification system:

In collaboration with GBIF: (November 2013)


Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio):

Darwin Core: instituteCode, instituteID, collectionCode, collectionID




Participants traveling to Oslo will stay at the Rica Travel Hotel.

Rica Travel Hotel in Arbeidergate 4, 0159 Oslo (+47 22 00 33 00)


Airport transport:

The Airport train ( departures with 10 minute interval, 19 minutes travel time to Oslo central station. The station “Nasjonalteateret” (National Theatre) is 550 meters from the Rica Travel Hotel and reached by every second departure of the airport train (those with end station Drammen). The ticket cost is NOK 170 kr.


Local transport:

The subway ( station “Stortinget” is located 150 meter from the Rica Travel Hotel and the station “Tøyen” is located 500 meter from the Natural History Museum (Lids hus) [subway line map.pdf].

Alternatively, the museum is located 2.2 km walking distance from the hotel.


Travel reimbursement forms (Norwegian):

Travel reimbursement forms (English):

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