This page collects some of the IT-services provided by the Norwegian GBIF-Node. Contact us at if you want assistance with publishing your species datasets!


The Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) is a free open source software tool written in Java that is used to publish and share biodiversity datasets through the GBIF network.


GBIF Norway's resolver. Persistent identifiers (such as urn:uuid:[UUID]) published in datasets from Norwegian publishers are included in the resolver from an automatic process.

QR code generator

Quickly generate small labels with QR codes.

Data archive

All data provided to GBIF by the Norwegian nodes, archived once every year.

GBIF Excel template

GBIF currently supports four classes of datasets. GBIF Occurrence datasets provide evidence of the occurrence of a species (or other taxon) at a particular place on a specified date.

GBIF Excel template

GBIF sampling-event datasets typically derive from standard protocols for measuring and monitoring biodiversity like vegetation transects and freshwater or marine sampling.

DwC Excel Template Generator

DarwinCore Excel Template Generator

UUID generator

For creating UUID keys we suggest using an online UUID generator .

Excel to Darwin Core Standard (DwC) tool (beta)

“Excel to Darwin Core Standard (DwC) tool” is a spreadsheet for DwC setup, data entry and data validation. The data can be exported to tab-text files for import in the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)

EML generator (beta)

Dataset portals

A simple portal for each of our datasets

Prototype - Currently unavailable

Visit the GBIF Portal for an overview of datasets from Norwegian data publishers .

Dugnad: Annotations & Transcriptions (v 2018)

Prototype -  Currently unavailable

Citizen science portal for natural history label transcriptions

Previous version (2016-2017)

DCAT service

The IPT includes an API for DCAT dataset metadata.

Coordinate conversion

Tools and services to convert coordinates between various formats (MGRS, UTM, DMS, decimal degrees). See blog post here for tips .

Currently unavailable

Crosstab data to list data converter

Often biodiversity data is in input in crosstab format when in the field. In order to publish this data, you will need to convert it into a flattened list. This is a small tool to help you do that.

Europeana data dump

The EU's Europeana project (see ) provides access to books, music, artworks, and other cultural objects housed in collections across Europe. In March 2017, GBIF Norway created Europeana-compatible XML data exports from several natural history collections, with the idea of ​​including these in the Europeana project. In the end, these were not imported into Europeana, but the 2017 data dumps are still available and can be updated if requested.

Open refine

OpenRefine (previously Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data. GBIF Norway host an online version of this software for use by our students on the Biodata and GBIF data publishing courses, but it is also available for anybody to use.