The UiO Natural History Museum in Oslo organizes an event on Sunday 22 October for citizen science contribution to the registration for the museum specimen collections in paleontology (fossils). WeDigBio is a global event organized by natural history museums worldwide between October 19 and 22.

WeDigBio at the UiO Natural History Museum in Oslo

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The UiO Natural History Museum in Oslo invites you into the paleontology collections to discover and help us to register fossil specimens that the general public have not previously had access to. You help us to collect enough data on the specimens to publish these databases freely and openly available to anybody on the internet. Specimens that you help us to register will be published in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) portal and be made available on the Norwegian Species Map Service (Artskart).

The event is organized on Sunday 22 October, at 12:00 to 14:00.

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WeDigBio at NHM Oslo
WeDigBio at NHM Oslo 22 October ::


WeDigBio at NHM Oslo 22 October ::


Volunteer portal developed by

The Norwegian GBIF participant node provides the software tool for citizen science volunteer transcription for museum specimens:


Selection of material from the museum collections in Oslo for this WeDigBio event. From left: Research Director Fridtjof Mehlum, Professor in Paleontology Hans Arne Nakrem and our WeDigBio coordinating general Eirik Rindal.



Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections, or WeDigBio, is a 4-day event that engages participants online and onsite in digitizing natural history collections.
Onsite events are hosted by museums, herbaria, universities, and other institutions and enable face-to-face meetups where participants engage with local collections. Find onsite events near you on this page:

Online events engage volunteers from around the world, facilitating the transcription of specimen information from images hosted by transcription platforms, no matter where in the world the volunteers may be. Online events are via the transcription centers found on the Find a Project page:

WeDigBio events occur each October (this year is 19-22 October 2017) though you can transcribe specimens, play our games, and use our educational materials all year long!

How to Join

Registration to participate in WeDigBio is not required. However certain online transcription centers require or recommend registration. Visit to find an event near you or to find an online transcription project!


Example of paleontology specimens in the UiO Natural History Museum that will be included in our WeDigBio event.


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The UiO Natural History Museum in Oslo is also a partner of the Mediascapes research project coordinated by the UiO Department of Education, where Telemark Botanical Society has contributed to a pilot study on registration of vascular plant herbarium specimens archived in the museum in Oslo that originate from their own home district, Telemark.


An early version of the volunteer portal for specimen registration was launched at the NHM Botanical Garden 200 year jubilee in 2014.



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