GBIF Norway Governance

GBIF Norway ( is the Norwegian Participant Node in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( This page provides information about node work plans and other key governance documents.

GBIF Norway Governance

Norway joined GBIF in 2004 and the Norwegian GBIF Node was established in 2005. The GBIF Norway node secretariat is hosted by the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo. The node team includes the node secretariat staff (of 1-3 staff resources) and several external national network partners. A node advisory board (between 2017 and 2020 composed of three people) was established in 2016 and is responsible for approving the annual work plans and result reports from the node as well as supporting the Head of Delegation with governance issues related to the Norwegian membership in GBIF.

A new governance model for GBIF Norway is under development for the next funding period 2021 to 2025.

Annual Work Plans

Work plan 2019 (available in Norwegian and translated to English)

Work plan 2018 (only available in Norwegian)

Work plan 2017 (only available in Norwegian)

Work plan 2016 (only available in Norwegian)

Work plan 2015 (only available in Norwegian)

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018 (only available in Norwegian)

Annual Report 2017 (only available in Norwegian)

Annual Report 2016 (Project Report 2012-2016) (only available in English)

Annual Report 2015 (only available in Norwegian)

Annual Report 2014 (only available in Norwegian)

Annual Report 2013 (only available in Norwegian)