GBIF Community Webinar April 2021

GBIF Community Webinar on capacity development on 28th April 2021


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Join us for a 90-minute discussion about online training opportunities across the GBIF network in 2021.

Capacity building is an essential component of the GBIF community, a "soft" skill that (even with all the pandemic-related practice) is exceedingly hard to do well. Ahead of a summer calendar that includes the GBIF Global Nodes Meeting and the start of dozens of new projects funded through the BIDBIFA and CESP programmes, this session of the GBIF community webinar will take a deeper look into current training activities across the network.

Who's doing what, and how—and more importantly, why? How do they measure impact and success? What ongoing challenges do they face? How can others engage, replicate, reuse and otherwise build on wider activities? And where do we go from here, in order to scale up the communities of practice needed to fulfil our shared mission of providing free and open access to biodiversity data to anyone, anywhere?


15:00 Welcome Kyle Copas
GBIF Secretariat
15:05 Updates to the GBIF data mobilization training Laura Russell
GBIF Secretariat
15:15 Data-use training for early-career researchers Andrew Rodrigues
GBIF Secretariat
15:25 Development of a Biodiversity Informatics MSc programme Tiwonge Gawa
Malawi University of Science and Technology
15:33 Capacity building strategy in times of COVID Camila Plata
SiB Colombia
15:41 Georeferencing training during the COVID-19 pandemic Anabela Plos
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales / GBIF Argentina
15:49 Capacity development in Norway Dag Endresen, Rukaya Johaadien & Vidar Bakken
UiO Natural History Museum / GBIF Norway
15:57 Overview of monthly online events programme David Jennings
16:05 OBIS training for marine biodiversity data Ward Appeltans
Ocean Biodiversity Information System
16:13 Coming attractions Kyle Copas
GBIF Secretariat
16:28 Panel Q&A with presenters


GBIF Secretariat
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