ECPGR workshop March 2017

The ECPGR working groups on forage crops and on barley invited GBIF-Norway to the joint workshop in Malmö to present the GBIF data portal.


The European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) organized a joint workshop for the working groups on Forage crops and on Barley crops in Malmö. The workshop addressed publication of genebank accession and collection data in the European Genebank Search Catalog (EURISCO). Topics also included demonstrations on how to publish characterization & evaluation (C&E) trait data in EURISCO.



The Norwegian GBIF Node (GBIF-Norway) was invited to present the GBIF data portal on Thursday 16th March 2017.



See also the presentation of GBIF data publishing for the ECPGR Documentation and Information network meeting in May 2014; and the GBIF/Bioversity (2016) data fitness for use in agrobiodiversity task group report.



Tags: ECPGR, GBIF, Charaterization & Evaluation, C&E, trait data, germplasm, genebank, data publishing
Published Mar. 20, 2017 11:41 AM - Last modified Mar. 20, 2017 11:58 AM