European Bireme

Bireme is a GBIF project to explore data flows in Europe for national biodiversity information reporting processes to the European Union. Active from June 2017 to December 2018. See the final project report and summary activity report for more information.

European environment data directives

The Bireme project was active from June 2017 to December 2018. Feedback and further information to the survey form or the final project report and activity report remain most welcome.

Survey on EU-directive reporting from Noway!

By detailing national reporting processes and data flows in several European Union member states, this project will explore how changes to GBIF tools and procedures could streamline and improve biodiversity reporting across the region. The project team will identify and summarize best practices and share the resulting recommendations with both the GBIF Secretariat and other European Nodes.

This project will start by documenting both the biodiversity reporting mechanisms and the partners’ experiences in Belgium, France, Ireland, Norway, and Portugal. This review of various processes is expected to lead to proposed best practices and recommendations while improving understanding of stakeholder needs and procedures for data and decision-making.

Project duration: 1 June 2017 - 1 June 2018
Programme: GBIF CESP
Project identifier: CESP2017-0002
Partners: GBIF Belgium | GBIF France | GBIF Ireland | GBIF Norway | GBIF Portugal | Species2000

Information and results produced as part of the project have been stored using the Open Science Framework.

Draft case study for Norway [link]: respond using the survey, or provide feedback by email to



Tags: GBIF, EU, Biodiversity reporting
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